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Writing essays on Mental Health

Mental Health is an issue that has come to the limelight in the past decade, and rightly so. Mental wellness is now emphasized in schools, homes, and work. Topics on Mental Health have been made into academics too; you will find many essay topics that are related to mental health. 

If you are unfamiliar with the topic, you can always take a look at various free essay writer and samples online. It will provide an overview of what and how you are going to write. 

The issues with Mental Health can vary from general depression to anxiety and crisis. A person suffering from a mental crisis may not know about the illness themselves and may shrug it off as a bad mood. Unlike physical illnesses, mental illness rarely shows any physical symptoms and with nothing pointing towards it, one tends to ignore the issue.

The professions dealing with mental health, that of psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychoanalysts have been consulted and spoken about more now than before. The secrecy and the hush-hush related to the topic have diminished widely. People can now openly talk about their mental problems with each other and with professionals. 

Mental health issues are never to be ignored, especially in the present day and age of social media, the increasing pressures of work, and diminishing relationships. 

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Topics to Write on

When choosing a topic it is necessary to make sure that the topic is narrow and that you will be able to choose a strong thesis for it. With a broader topic, you will fail to find a thesis statement and will be lost under general research.

Topic examples:

  • Influence of social media on mental health
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Isolation and its effects on mental health
  • The most common mental illnesses across the globe
  • Causes of Depression and Anxiety in school children
  • Impact of the mental crisis on everyday life
  • Symptoms and signs of depression and anxiety disorders
  • Exercise and its effects on mental well-being
  • How to talk about mental issues?
  • Most common mental illnesses amongst school children
  • Causes of psychological trauma in children
  • The effects of PTSD on daily life
  • Effects of psychological abuse on physical health
  • Effects of bipolar disorder on a person?s daily life
  • Do drugs work better than therapy?
  • Is homophobia a mental illness?
  • Narcissism and antisocial personality disorder


Before you begin to write your essay by free essay writer it is important that you gather the right and specific information. To do this you will need to research beyond the sources on the various websites. 

Using information or quoting from medical research to write my essay for me is a great way to showcase your research abilities to your readers. Even if the research is not accessible you can still use the abstract to help with your argument or idea. There are many medical journals present online that will help you do this. A great way to access these is by using an online medical search engine, such as PubMed, WebofScience, and ScienceDirect. The search engines search amongst millions of entries on various databases such as MEDLINE, and PsycINFO. 

Usually, most colleges have their own journal database libraries, which as a student you 
Can get access to. If everything fails, it is always a great idea to ask the author himself for the related information for your research.

Remember to always choose a topic that is narrow, so you can find the relevant information without having to go through a lot of research material. Once you have the information needed you will be more comfortable writing the essays whether it's a persuasive write my essay or expository.

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